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ADR Glyn Taff

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AJN's ADR Glyn Taff

AJN's ADR Glyn Taff

AJN's ADR Glyn Taff

A page from Andrew Nummelin's personal web site.
Fri 3 Feb 2023



This is my current layout project, ideally I'd like to model it at different periods (before and after introduction of the railcars). The situation below shows the extra engine shed for the railmotors, the loss of the down platform and half the up side one. This is the situation I have started with as the earlier one with full platforms on both lines would most likely be modelled when the TVR, rather than the ADR, handled the mineral traffic through here and I rather like some of the ADR locos!

Unclear items include parts of the signalling arrangement, coaling & watering facilities.

Glyn Taff from OS map

An examination of files in the National Archives has answered several of the questions I had, but, not surprisingly, created several more.

In particular can anyone explain the signal by the tank in the illustration below?
All the other signals on the plan are drawn conventionally, so why are these arms on the "wrong" side of the post?

part of file MT6-1732-4